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Back to school is a great time to combat childhood obesity. Exercise, good nutrition, and a back-up vitamin plan help kids embrace a healthy, active lifestyle.Children today face unique challenges to
Want to get your kids enthused about healthy eating? Let them help out in the kitchen. Our kid-friendly recipes will turn your children into junior sous chefs.Cooking is a great way to get kids invest
This is a versatile treat. They make a great cupcake and work equally well as a breakfast muffin. Top with your favourite frosting or spoon Greek yogurt overtop, drizzle with honey, and sprinkle with
Are your kids stressed? Are you stressed? As parents, we can teach our children how to cope with stress by learning how to deal with it ourselves.What are the best ways to help our children cope with

Linda Barbara

HELLO, I'M Linda. WELCOME TO MY BLOG! I write about happiness and about the struggles of modern life. My inspiration comes from my own experiences, good and bad, from my hometown and the people that live around me.

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