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PEI-native singer/songwriter Alli Walker has performed in venues across North America for the better part of a decade. But she’s just now opening up about a surprising fact: she’s fought a lifelong ba
How much garbage do you generate? What about recycling or food waste? The Zero Waste movement is swiftly picking up momentum around the world, prompting people to rethink plastic, packaging, and consu
You don’t have to look far to find someone who is experiencing work-related stress. There are many potential causes for the combination of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion also known as burn
Happy New Year! Ringing in 2020 means it has been one year since I officially embarked on my Zero Waste (ZW) journey, attempting to drastically reduce my garbage, recycling, and food waste in an effor

Linda Barbara

HELLO, I'M Linda. WELCOME TO MY BLOG! I write about happiness and about the struggles of modern life. My inspiration comes from my own experiences, good and bad, from my hometown and the people that live around me.

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