Body positivity has swept the nation. Self-acceptance of our bodies, even if we don’t match cultural size ideals, has evolved into a massive movement. Instead of obsessing over “imperfections,” social

Go With Your Gut to Cut the Cravings

“Listen to your body” is good advice for the most part—when your body wants something perfectly reasonable, like a brisk walk. But other times, it can be problematic: what if your body is unmistakably

Get Well, Not High

Fasting and You

Matters of the Heart

Kids’ Digestive Complaints

Raise Health-Smart Kids

The Spirit of Giving


Lost Feast

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt our lives, many of us are turning to home cooking for health and entertainment. I’m working on my thin-crust pizza, and many of my friends are calling me at odd hours

The Gift of Trade

Sure, cheer abounds, but so does overindulgence, hyperconsumerism, waste, and financial debt. Amidst the colourful, bright lights that speckle the streets is the cold, hard truth so few North American
From 11 pm (GMT) December 31 2020, the freedom of movement, enjoyed for more than four decades between the UK and the EU, disappeared overnight. So what does post-Brexit holidaying across the Channel
You’re unlikely to hear a brass fanfare when you reach for the carrot sticks instead of the cookies, nor wild applause when you lace up your shoes for an evening walk instead of collapsing onto the co
This 5-day lunch plan is filled with healthy snacks that your kids will adore. Day 1 Dips: mashed avocado sprinkled with hemp hearts and lime juice; hummus Crackers for dipping Sliced crunchy veggies
PEI-native singer/songwriter Alli Walker has performed in venues across North America for the better part of a decade. But she’s just now opening up about a surprising fact: she’s fought a lifelong ba
Natural treatments can help women conceive after cancer, but many factors need to be considered before being given the go-ahead.It’s a heart-wrenching question that young women cancer survivors often
Exercising together creates a healthier mind, body, and family connection. Commit to getting fit as a family with these creative and fun activities!It’s time to get off the bench and resolve to get fi
Does winter leave your skin a little dry, red, and flaky? Using natural products and moisturizing regularly are helpful, but your skin care routine is only half the battle. When it comes to flaunting

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