Body positivity has swept the nation. Self-acceptance of our bodies, even if we don’t match cultural size ideals, has evolved into a massive movement. Instead of obsessing over “imperfections,” social

Go With Your Gut to Cut the Cravings

“Listen to your body” is good advice for the most part—when your body wants something perfectly reasonable, like a brisk walk. But other times, it can be problematic: what if your body is unmistakably

Get Well, Not High

Fasting and You

Matters of the Heart

Filling up on green foods is an excellent way to boost your immunity. In our soup that’s chock full of brilliant antioxidant-loaded vegetables and nutrients, a hit of fiery cayenne is just the ticket

Conscious Celebrations

This holiday season, let’s rethink consumption  The holidays are notorious for excess and overconsumption. It’s not just bad news for the planet, though: this excess also creates stress, both emotiona
From 11 pm (GMT) December 31 2020, the freedom of movement, enjoyed for more than four decades between the UK and the EU, disappeared overnight. So what does post-Brexit holidaying across the Channel
Credit: David van DriesscheSitting on a teakwood chair on the upper deck of the converted cargo boat, photographic location scout David van Driessche knew the ropes. “We are about to sail out of mobil
Got the lockdown doldrums? So do we. With Valentines day on the way and a little bit of romance is just so uplifting. Have you ever wondered how this day is celebrated around the world? 1Wales, UKA na
Las Vega is full of bright lights and in January full of bright sparks too. We visited the CES technology show this year and bring you this round-up of smart bags. Prepare to raise an eyebrow at the s
Tourism to Croatia has now been given the green light and is one of the 25 countries to welcome British tourists. Tourists have been coming to Rijeka since the 19th century when Croatia was part of t
No matter our age, being happy creates more happiness--making a better world for all of us.Sunshine. Hugs. Good coffee. The things that make us happy are as unique as our souls. But as difficult as ha
Just because the lush, seafront city of Alcudia is a mere 24 square miles (60 square kilometres) that has no bearing on how much this lovely port and ancient city on the islands nether region, can off

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