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How Have You Stayed Healthy and Treated Yourself During COVID-19?




How Have You Stayed Healthy and Treated Yourself During COVID-19?

Last week, we asked the team at alive how they’ve been keeping up their beauty routines from home during the COVID-19 epidemic. Making sure our hair looks good is one thing, but what about simply staying healthy and happy? Here’s what the alive team had to say about how they’ve stayed sane and fit over the last few months.

Work out where you can

“I’ve become obsessed with 7 am workouts. Sometimes that means a quick run to my favourite forest trail, and sometimes that means slow yoga in my living room. Also, I’ve been treating myself to takeout from a local family-owned cafe pretty much every day.”

Make your own book club

“I’ve been reading more fiction. It’s great for my mental health to get immersed in another world—and to see even complex problems get resolved within 400 pages.”

Super supplements

“Our family has stepped up their supplement game. We worked with our local natural health retailer to figure out the best combo for each individual to help boost immunity. My husband now preps the supplements for each family member before bed each night, so that in the morning each person has their supplement set waiting on the counter to take with breakfast. What a great guy!”

Whole foods

“We are eating a lot more whole foods and focusing on cooking at home to better control the nutrients we’re putting in our bodies, and also to limit the contact others have with our food. We meal plan before our once weekly trip to the grocery store, and since our options for lazy eating out are more limited, we’re really sticking to our plan which feels great!”

Fitness and fetch

“Sydney Cummings’ YouTube workout videos have been a lifesaver! These workouts are KILLER. Plus, daily dog walks are a guaranteed feel-good activity to feel healthy and happy.”


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