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Face masks for every occasion in the pandemic world




In the pandemic world the “new normal” means that face masks are part of daily life all over the world. Everyone in England must wear them while using public transport including trains, the Tube, on the bus, ferries or planes and in hospitals or face a £100 fine. And more recently face masks have to be worn in banks, building societies, shops, and takeaway restaurants.

The only exceptions are those under the age of 11 and people with disabilities or breathing problems, or anyone travelling with someone who lip-reads – though we found a mask for that occasion too.

Travel Kit Masks – £19.99

GATE8 hygiene kitGATE8’s nifty professional Hygiene Kits are packed (in a TSA approved wash bags) with enough items for a trip lasting from one to seven days. The kits come with a re-useable Face Mask, medical-grade disposable masks, hand gel, gloves and sanitising wipes, keeping you safe in the office and on the road.

The double-layer fabric face covering is non-medical and ideal for general workplace use, while the medical-grade disposable masks minimise the incidence of cross-infection.

Enjoy 20% off GATE8’s Hygiene Kits by using the code “travelmagazine” on GATE8Luggage.com.


Designer Mask – £17


The UBIK mask is a waterproof, antibacterial, breathable mask available for adults and children. It’s made of quick-drying fabric and features a pocket for an optional filter. Founders Jon and Caesar realised there was a need to turn this new, core wardrobe essential into a fashion statement and desirable addition to the wardrobe. Reversible with a pattern on one side and plain on the other, it can be worn to suit the mood of each day.


Cheeky mask – £9.99 

This cheeky number has a cute sparkly lip motif but is nevertheless robust. It is made specifically for women by Rogue Republic and comes with three layers of protection. It is made from 100 per cent breathable premium cotton. These washable masks come in several colours and are so robust they are likely to last forever.



Masks to match your outfit – £16.49 for 6

A pack of six masks with various colours and nifty designs that you will want to wear.

They are reusable made from ultra-breathable fabric so you are protected from everything from viruses to salon fumes without smothering your face with a sweaty rash.  The mask is layered with a pocket for the anti-pollution filter – there are six included. This means you can match the mask whatever outfit you are wearing. 


Masks perfect for lip-reading – £5.99 

A mask that hides someone’s mouth can be a literal barrier to effective communication.

Not this one. There are four unisex masks in this package. These have a clear window so you can see the lips which means you can catch the smile, see the expression and so are ideal for lip-reading too. These are washable, reusable made of polyester fabric.




Printed headband and face mask combo ideal for exercise – rrp £14.99

This is a stretchy headband and face mask cotton combo ideal for your workout or run. The headband has buttons on either side to use instead of your ears to hold the mask in place. The elastic headwrap helps the headband better stay close to your skin and prevents your hair from sticking to your forehead.

The set comes in black with orange Flowers.



Make them smile mask, £7.99

Smiley Face mask

These smiley masks from Iwantoneofthose come in one size and are made from 100 per cent polyester with a 100 per cent cotton lining for comfort.

Size-wise it is 20cm wide with elasticated straps for a universal fit. They are washable and easy to care for. Buy one for £7.99 or 3 for £14.99.




Classic Fitted Face Mask! Five classic colours – £15.99

Herschel face mask

Adjustable, reusable, breathable. The Classic Fitted Face Mask is a non-medical mask that adjusts to fit your face and features an air filter pocket. Made with three breathable layers, the mask features a soft liner and a centre sleeve that fits a standard air filter. The mask is designed to fit close to your face with an adjustable lightweight nose bridge and side adjustment tabs. For all-day comfort, use the connection lock to lift the ear loops and ease pressure on your ears.
Meet the Classic Fitted Face Mask! Available in five classic colours.

TIP: if you have a beard or a moustache, take note of the advice offered by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Facial hair may interfere with the effectiveness of your face masks. Make sure that the hair fits inside of the mask or better still (if you are so inclined) go clean-shaven.

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Disclaimer: this article was sponsored by GATE8 and UBIK


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